Building Portfolios For investors

Specialising in the HMO (House of Multiple Occupation) market, ELP source, negotiate, refurbish and manage, on your behalf to provide you with cash flow positive assets.

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We are a boutique consultancy offering property sourcing & analysis, conversion project management and ongoing lettings operations for investors from the UK and overseas.

We have 10 years of experience as investors managing our own HMOs, setting-up properties for clients, operating our own lettings management company, managing the “The HMO Group” Network and moderating HMO training days.

Our services are comprehensive and hands-on. We don’t just teach investment strategies or tactics in a classroom. We work with our clients every step of the way – from understanding local opportunities, finding and evaluating suitable properties, managing cost-effective conversions to ongoing management of high-income yielding HMOs. We focus exclusively on professionally managed, fully compliant, high end HMOs targeting tenants of corporate clients.

Through our experience we can help you avoid mistakes and minimize risks:

  • We understand where to purchase properties, how to convert to confidently secure HMO licenses, how to maximize the value of the property and reduce set up costs
  • We have developed in-house systems and tools which leverage modern technology to optimize the management of the properties
  • We have built a team of in-house experts and contracts to manage the support every aspect of acquiring, converting, operating and selling an HMO

We invest in property in general, and HMOs in particular, as we believe:

  • the strong and growing demand for residential space will continue to out-strip supply for the foreseeable future
  • the private rental sector is projected to become the dominate form of tenure as increasing proportions of the population will be unable to afford home ownership
  • in the opportunity for value creation without relying on general market appreciation
  • HMO present an increased potential of positive cash-flow in higher interest rate environments
  • investing in property offers unparalleled access to well-structured financing to benefit from leverage
  • and that HMOs present an opportunity for tax efficient value creation